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Emily and Tom in the Pumping and Mixing experiment
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Cheryl doing some calculations for the friction on Packed beds experiment.
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Mariana is not sure what to do for the camera
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Tyler and Mitchell working with Prof. Loveland
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Cheryl and Mariana analyzing data
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Deanna and Tiffany at the fluidization apparatus
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Prof. Alvarez and Connor discussing the results
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Maddie preparing a solution for the electrodialysis experiment
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Ryan and McKenzie with Prof. Marin
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John, Ricky and Phil
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Kathryn and Audrey conferencing with Dr. Gemma Gonzalez
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Brian and Katherine preparing the tracer solution for their RTD experiment
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Jessica and Caitlyn at the heat exchange apparatus
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Connor and Maddie working on the electrodialysis experiment.
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Mariana and Cheryl measuring pressure drop in packed columns
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Jack and Isaac at the Reverse Osmosist equipment