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Courtney Barnes and Meghan Babcock. Batch reactor experiment.
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Courtney Barnes and Meghan Babcock.
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Candice Swift and Josephine Lembong. Fluidization
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Iowa State University students Janae Baumert and Erwin Columbus. Heat Exchange.
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Iowa State students Katherine and Ann Wymore. Agitation and Mixing
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Iowa State students Jessica Tobelmann and Patrick Hermiston Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium
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Kelsey Kornaus and Kaitlin Murphy. Electrodialysis
thumbnail for image 2010_oviedo/img_1332.jpg,
Willam Ho and Chris Arena. RTD in reactor networks
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Sam Delsin, Tim Sita and Professor Susana Luque discuss the distillation in packed column experiment.
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Jenny Kay and Alyssa Fenske analyze samples for their batch distillation experiment.
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Sonja Belgrade and Lisa Burdette in the pilot plant
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Lisa Burdette and Sonja Belgrade work on their Reverse Osmosis experiment.
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Paul Perkins-Mcintosh, Julia Wiggen, and Jonathan Ladwig from Iowa State. Fluidization experiment.
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William Edwards and Steven Nystrom from Iowa State. Distillation experiment.