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Jessica Sable, Ahmet Badur, Tim Byrne, Freddy Hodinata, and Inesta Hartanto with a heat transfer experiment
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Eunsun Hyun and Taweephol Kerdnunvong working on a biodiesel experiment
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Prof. Fernando Tiscareno and Prof. Arturo Jimenez- Gutierrez
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Jeremy Groth and Mingwei Huang working on liquefying air experiment
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Steve Ng and Henry Cohen working on an experiment
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Ahmet Badur
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Puteri Faizan and Claudia Wee working on a report
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Jessica Sable making sample concentrations of alcohols
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Jeremy Groth and Prof. Fernando Tiscareno
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Prof. Thatcher Root and Ahmet Badur talking about an experiment
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Claudia Wee and Puteri Faizen standing by the ICP spectrometer
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Claudia Wee and Puteri Faizen watching experiment on the ICP spectrometer
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Puteri Faizen at the Mercury Marine ICP spectrometer