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Chow time at the cafeteria of Facultad de Quimica
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Group photo of staff and students
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Shanta Pandian and Katie Smith distill Spanish liquors
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Scott Pockat and Brian Roth with residence time distribution apparatus
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Adiabatic calorimetry with Matthew Clark and Eric Pacquette
thumbnail for image 2008_oviedo/images/2CBE424008028_JPG.jpg,
Aaron Eernisse and Nate Gallert with spray dryer
thumbnail for image 2008_oviedo/images/2CBE424008032_JPG.jpg,
Eric Paquette and Matthew Clark with CSTR apparatus
thumbnail for image 2008_oviedo/images/2CBE424008034_JPG.jpg,
Anton Mlinar and Katie Smith looking forward to their experiment
thumbnail for image 2008_oviedo/images/2CBE424008037_JPG.jpg,
Shanta Pandian and Corey Skadahl looking forward to an afternoon in the lab
thumbnail for image 2008_oviedo/images/2CBE424008041_JPG.jpg,
Matthew Clark, Eric Paquette, Jonathan Konen and Eric Vita join the clean plate club
thumbnail for image 2008_oviedo/images/2CBE424008047_JPG.jpg,
George Bonhert (Iowa State) celebrates his cumpleaņos in Spain
thumbnail for image 2008_oviedo/images/Burgos_JPG.jpg,
Trip to Burgos
thumbnail for image 2008_oviedo/images/Cargill plant_JPG.jpg,
Tour of the Cargill Plant in Martorell, Spain
thumbnail for image 2008_oviedo/images/IMG_1907_JPG.jpg,
Course staff and students with the beheaded mascot of Expo 2008 - Water and Sustainable Development
thumbnail for image 2008_oviedo/images/IMG_1949_JPG.jpg,
Ready for a ride on the Tren de Luz in Burgos (Cathedral in the background)
thumbnail for image 2008_oviedo/images/IMG_1994_JPG.jpg,
Welcome to the medieval lunch. Great food!
thumbnail for image 2008_oviedo/images/IMG_2001_JPG.jpg,
Prof. Hill and UW students in foggy Picos de Europa
thumbnail for image 2008_oviedo/images/MugaWinery_group[1]_JPG.jpg,
Final quality control test at the Muga Winery
thumbnail for image 2008_oviedo/images/night-2_JPG.jpg,
Evening at Zaragoza