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Kayla Soucoup, Dana Tenpas and Dr. Eric Codner trying to figure out what?s wrong with the calibration equipment
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Noor Asykin Che Mat Rosli with the ion exchange trying to make ionized water
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Edward Leonard working in the lab
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Jeff Black and Steve Schwanbeck
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Weh Yen Teh and Kok Foong Cheong looking for equipment
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Dustin Zastrow and John Garcia working on the heat exchanger
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Phoebe Stinson and Denise Ford working on their experiment
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Keane Neilsen and Xiao Zhao with ultrafiltration memory separation
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Ruzaimah Omar Ali and Farahfadzil Abdulrahman working on the revolution per minute of a centrifugal pump
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Steve Andrzejewski and Alex Oray working on experiment computations
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Edward Leonard and Aloysius Gunawan
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Professor Fernando Tiscareno, Weh Yean Teh and Kok Foon Cheong checking on their experiment
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Dustin Zastrow, John Garcia and Professor Arturo Jimenez-Gutierrez
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Azivy Che Aziz, Noor Asyikin Che Mat Rosli, Jeffrey Black and Professor Rafael Chavez checking the distillation column
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Steve Schwanbeck by the distillation column