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Himanshu Sharma and Michelle Mahoney with concentrated polyethylene oxide separation of vegetable oil and water
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Anita Gilgenbach and Amber Page testing the strength of different paper toweling
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Sophia Chen and Josh Webb with Professor Beckman at the heat exchanger watching the temperature
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Richard Ballenger, John Nichol in the kinetics lab
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Richard Ballenger, John Nichol, Himanshu Mittal and John Larsen in the kinetics lab
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Corrinne Lambert and Patrick Gore testing how water goes around curves
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Richard Russeff with the direct air - oil heater
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Richard Russeff and Alex Peykov
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The instructors for summer lab: Prof. Chavez, Dr. Schoenberg, Prof. Beckman and Prof. Root
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Prof. Klingenberg, Himanshu Sharma and Michelle Mahoney
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Lindsay Jensen and Jennifer Ross working on a report
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Annie Lewandoski, James Schwindt and Andrew Ebeling at the distillation column with sample syringes of ethanol and water
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Felix Shuen and Mark Pronley hydrolysis of starch
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Josh McCormick and Josh Webb trying to make baffles for their motionless mixture
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Kate Elliott and the heat exchanger
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Prof. Chavez, Amber Page and Anita Gilgenbach on the spray drying equipment
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Prof. Root, Lilian Hsiao and Sophia Chen in the store room