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Aditya Surjosantoso and Gunawan Tjahono in the vapor-liquid equilibrium experiment
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Ben Lowerre and Beth Manor doing the RTD experiment.
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Martina Carbone reviewing data for the distillation experiment
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Eric Leung adjusting the distillation column
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Andrew Kotecki and Adam Roth performing a Reverse Osmosis experiment
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Matt Porter and John Schmidt conferencing with Prof. José Ramón Alvarez
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Lunch time!
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Amber Barnes and Suzan Cox from ISU, join Beth Manor, Adam Roth, Aditya Surjosantoso, and Gunawan Tjahjono for a short rest after lunch at Palacio Canedo
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The vineyard at Palacio Canedo
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Lunch at Palacio Canedo. Ben Lowerre, Luke Brubaker (ISU), Eric Leung, Michelle State and Jeanna Penley (ISU), Elizabeth Manor, and Suzan Cox (ISU)
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Lunch at Palacio Canedo. Lauri Frankowski, Ryan Myhre, Matt Porter, Andrew Kotecki, Patrick and Amy Harrington (ISU)
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Lunch at Palacio Canedo. (Visible only, clockwise from left) Amber Barnes (ISU), Adam Roth, Gunawan Tjahjono, Prof. Rafael Chávez, Prof. José Coca
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Visit to Templar Castle in Ponferrada. (Clockwise from left) Ryan Myhre, Lauri Frankowski,Suzan Cox (ISU) Beth Manor, Siu Fung Leung, Prof. José Coca, Jeanna Penley, Andrew Kotecki.
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Visit to Templar Castle in Ponferrada (Roughly front to back and left to right) Jeanna Penley, Ryan Myhre, Andrew Kotecki, Prof. Fernando Diez (Oviedo), Martina Carbone, Matt Porter, Siu Fung Leung, Ben Lowerre, Gunawan Tjahjono, Prof Ken Jolls (ISU), Suzan Cox (ISU), Beth Manor, John Schmidt, Matt Roby (ISU), Kara Paquette (ISU), Adam Roth, Patrick McMullen (ISU)
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The Templar Castle
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The group examining a rotary drier in Bioetanol Galicia
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Suzan Cox (ISU), Matt Porter, and Adam Roth at the door of the Ethanol Plant in Galicia
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Museo Del Prado Madrid. Next to Goya's The Dog.
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Outside Museodel Prado
thumbnail for image 2004_oviedo/RyanMyhreandLauriFrankowskiFluidizationExperiment.jpg,
Ryan Myhre and Lauri Frankowski Fluidization Experiment
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Historic Library at the University of Oviedo
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University of Oviedo Seminar Room
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University of Oviedo Seminar Room