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Year and Session Index

The following photos are missing:

Madison First session 1965, London sessions 1981-86,1990-96, and 1998

If you are able to provide one of them, please contact us at the address given at the bottom of this page

2017Session 1Session 2Hong KongHangzhouOviedo
2016Session 1Session 2Hong KongHangzhouOviedoVienna
2015Session 1Session 2HangzhouOviedoVienna
2014Session 1Session 2HangzhouOviedoVienna
2013Session 1Session 2OviedoVienna
2012Session 1Session 2OviedoVienna
2011Session 1Session 2OviedoVienna
2010Session 1Session 2OviedoVienna
2009Session 1Session 2OviedoVienna
2008Session 1Session 2OviedoVienna
2007Session 1Session 2OviedoVienna
2006Session 1Session 2OviedoVienna
2005Session 1Session 2OviedoVienna
2004Session 1Session 2OviedoVienna
2003Session 1Session 2OviedoVienna
2002Session 1Session 2Oviedo
2001Session 1Session 2LondonOviedo
2000Session 1Session 2LondonOviedo
1999Session 1Session 2LondonOviedo
1998Session 1Session 2London
1997Session 1Session 2London
1996Session 1Session 2London
1995Session 1Session 2London
1994Session 1Session 2London
1993Session 1Session 2London
1992Session 1Session 2London
1991Session 1Session 2London
1990Session 1Session 2London
1989Session 1Session 2London
1988Session 1Session 2London
1987Session 1Session 2London
1986Session 1Session 2
1985Session 1Session 2
1984Session 1Session 2Session 3
1983Session 1Session 2Session 3
1982Session 1Session 2
1981Session 1Session 2
1980Session 1Session 2
1979Session 1Session 2
1978Session 1Session 2
1977Session 1Session 2
1976Session 1Session 2
1975Session 1Session 2
1974Session 1Session 2
1973Session 1Session 2
1972Session 1Session 2
1971Session 1Session 2
1970Session 1Session 2
1969Session 1Session 2
1968Session 1Session 2
1967Session 1Session 2
1966Session 1Session 2
1965Session 1Session 2
1964Session 1Session 2
1963Session 1Session 2
1962Session 1Session 2
1961Session 1Session 2
1960Session 1Session 2
1959Session 1Session 2
1958Session 1Session 2
1957Session 1Session 2
1956Session 1Session 2
1955Session 1Session 2
1954Session 1Session 2
1953Session 1Session 2
1952Session 1Session 2
1951Session 1Session 2
1950Session 1Session 2
1949Session 1Session 2
1948Session 1Session 2